Geoffrey Curme, CRE

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In June 2019 Geoffrey marked his 40th year in Charlotte in the commercial real estate industry. His work has involved placement of capital (equity and debt), loan servicing (CMBS and non-securitized debt), large dollar, high yield asset management, loan/REO recovery and distressed asset (equity and debt) underwriting, acquisition and co-investment. The loan/REO asset recovery was occasioned by the S & L liquidity crisis of the early 1990’s, and the distressed debt acquisition followed the triggering of the Great Recession by the 2008 investment fund and bank failures. Acquisitions were funded in large part by private equity and generally were all cash, debt placement followed asset stabilization. Along the way Geoffrey earned his real estate broker’s license which he has been using in recent years to help clients manage and broker time and capital efficient transactions.

Prior to moving to Charlotte Geoffrey trained with The Bank of New York and upon graduation was employed as an unsecured lender and HNW relationship manager at the then mid-town location of 530 Fifth Avenue. The portfolio of clients serviced varied widely, ranging from nationally known non-profits, to high net worth (HNW) individuals, to professional practices (law), to locally owned retail stores to Fortune 1000 companies. Every client was different and generally well informed.

In 1993, Geoffrey was awarded the Top Gun award by his asset recovery colleagues for rapid loan and REO recovery off a NYC – Boston corridor of troubled assets (office, retail and industrial). In 2015 Geoffrey was awarded the Creative Thinkers Award by his Counselors of Real Estate colleagues for imaginative, disciplined and community sensitive resuscitation of the EpiCentre in Center City Charlotte.

Geoffrey’s focus at CBC MECA is commercial real estate brokerage, with a focus on timeliness, cost minimization (buy side) and sale maximization (sell side). Proactive and candid communication with the client has been and is vital to timely execution. Client profiles range from recurring buyers looking for a variety of property profiles, e.g., value add, troubled, core value, path-of-progress land assembly, etc. to occasional buyers or sellers, e.g., small business expansion, an estate sale, opportunistic sale, etc.

Outside of work Geoffrey attends with his wife, Sarah, to their four, grown children who range in age from 35 to 19, the younger two being in college. Individual interests pursued by Geoffrey are tennis/running, cooking, occasional gardening, nonfiction reading, following current events and giving back to the community. Affordable housing is now his community focus, recognizing that a safe, decent and affordable place to live enables residents to be more productive in the work force and attentive to their family.

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