Commercial Brokerage

The MECA Commercial Real Estate brokerage team provides a wide-variety of services to our clients throughout the Carolinas. These services include:

Tenant Representation
If you intend to lease office, industrial, or retail space, your goal should be to make the best deal in the best location so that you get cost effective space that you are happy with and that will serve your business well.

Owner Leasing Representation
Maximize your properties' exposure and fill it with the right tenants by having our team design and implement a customized marketing plan.

Investor Disposition
Our team specializes in valuing and selling both challenging and premium properties, creating competitive bidding environments and structured sales processes designed to maximize the value of assets, while meeting our clients' timing objectives.

Investor Acquisition
Whether an investor is seeking to purchase property for passive income, development, value-added re-marketing or for the operation of their business, our team has the expertise and resources needed to acquire properties of virtually any magnitude.

1031 Exchange Facilitation
Property owners seeking relief from capital gains utilize our firm to handle the details of their tax-deferred real estate exchange.

Market Analysis Reporting
Our team offers comprehensive market analysis reports to help investors and end-users determine the feasibility of their proposed real estate strategies.

These services are available for all sizes and types of commercial assets, including office, industrial, retail, land and hospitality. Regardless of the assignment, you benefit from over 150 years of combined experience from our diverse and highly skilled team. Let us devise a winning strategy to maximize the performance of your commercial real estate asset.


MECA Commercial Real Estate offers a wide variety of Management Services that are tailor-suited to your needs as a real estate owner. The experience, connections and processes developed over decades of experience can help protect and improve the value of your assets. Our mission has been, and always will be, to manage your assets the way we manage our own.

Property Management
Property Management is a multi-functional service that incorporates lease administration, vendor selection, vendor supervision, financial reporting, operational account management and emergency response. Simply put, we manage all property-level aspects on your behalf.

Asset Management
Moving beyond professional management of a single asset, services under this umbrella are aimed at portfolio-wide management. By managing national portfolios for clients, we deliver a consistent, methodical approach to management across all assets in a portfolio. The benefits of this service are numerous and include a unified vision for a real estate portfolio, a single point of contact and cost savings delivered via economies of scale.

Facilities Management
Whether you own or lease space, our extensive experience as managers and owners of real estate can benefit the operational performance of your facility. Typical functions within Facilities Management include Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Security, Contract Negotiation, Maintenance, Janitorial and Space Allocation.

Bill-Pay and Accounting
Our back office support capacity is a tremendous resource for any real estate owner. Our team can receive and track rent payments, process invoices and deliver clear and concise financial reporting.


MECA Commercial Real Estate provides Development Services through its team of professionals who collectively have decades of experience in the areas of land, retail, office, mixed use and industrial development. Our diverse in-house expertise allows us to customize our development services to meet the needs of our clients. From simple tenant upfit construction management to ground up build to suit development, our experienced professionals deliver creative cost conscience solutions to meet the objectives of our clients.

Project Management
Often our clients acquire real estate which requires some level of improvement. Our development team includes Project Managers who can help the client complete these upfits. The design process, collecting and comparing bids as well as supervising contractors can go beyond their comfort zone. In these cases our team can serve as the manager of these projects allowing the client to come in on time and on budget.

Fee Development
When a company or property owner desires to develop property but does not have internally the core competency to do so, our development team provides the solution. We assemble the required elements and resources to see the project from design, financing and ultimately, to project completion.

Build To Suit
Companies with specific real estate requirements for their businesses are often unable to locate existing facilities that meet their needs and are located in their desired location. In these instances building new space to their specifications is required. Furthermore, many of these same businesses do not desire to own the real estate. Our team offers a unique approach to solving these challenges by building the facility and putting in place the ultimate owner who becomes the landlord.

In cases where none of the above options are necessary in their entirety, we can provide consultation for certain components.

Corporate Services

MECA Commercial Real Estate provides Corporate Services that are customized to the specific needs of those we serve. In this capacity, our full range of services are provided as an extension of your company. By analyzing your company-wide real estate needs and challenges, cost savings are identified and a unified strategy is developed. Outsourcing some, or all, of these services enables you to focus on your core business.

Strategy Consulting
As a full-service real estate company with deep experience, we have the expertise to advise your team on the practical steps necessary to execute an idea.

Facilities Management
Allow our extensive experience as managers and owners of real estate to benefit the operational performance of your assets.

Site Analysis
The success of a location for use as a retail location, corporate headquarters, or a distribution facility is dependent on numerous factors. Let us perform an extensive analysis of prospective sites, or help identify those sites best suited for your goals.

Project Management
We manage major renovations, small commercial upfits and ground-up development. Our team can coordinate all aspects of your project, from start to finish.

Lease Administration
When done correctly, administering a commercial lease is an extremely detailed process that intersects with property management, accounting and ultimately your bottom line. If your company leases space, or owns property that is leased to others, our platform of lease administration will help you avoid missing critical dates or negotiation opportunities.

Feasibility Study
Through various tools and our market expertise, we can help you analyze gaps in markets to help determine business and site potential.